MyTyme Social Media App Connect you socially without the violence and absurdity witnessed in social media network.

MyTyme creates memorable moments spend with your friends and family. Users will enjoy videos upload and live chatting pictures sharing and a time line full of memorable.

MyTyme, an App that promises to change how we socialize and Connect, and share our stories. This App is a safer alternative to social media networks, enabling people to share moments with their family in an easier way. With this app, people can start sharing pictures, videos and telling their stories.

MyTyme wouldn’t just help you stay updated about holidays, graduations, and weddings but will go a long way in making systematic memories of your life. From getting a college degree to a job promotion, MyTyme can capture it all. MyTyme offers users a lot of advantages.

This App help inspire others! It is different from many of the other social Media Apps out there and aims to Connect and bond family members together, without the violence and absurdity witnessed in social media. Users get to use MyTyme to capture the different turning points of their life. They can talk about something they’re feeling happy about or talk about how they’ve Succeeded.

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( Marlene Gainey )


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